PLASMATECH specializes in introducing high-tech equipment to different industries. Our products aimed at making people healthier, reducing pollution and saving natural resources.

KonTEK™ aluminium pontoon is designed for reducing the losses of product caused by evaporation during the storage in vertical cylindrical tanks.

Aluminium dome is a stationary roof over the tank that has considerable advantages list in comparison to the steel external roof.

HEMOFENIX™ device and ROSA™ plasmafilter has been used with high efficiency in Russia and other CIS countries since 2002 in hematology, cardiology, obstetrics & gynecology, pediatrics, preventive health care of presenilation, strengthening of reproductive health and many other, as well as total body detoxication.

LED lights can be applied for lighting streets, freeways, office and production facilities, public rooms and housing-and-community amenities. They are considered to be the most prospective source of light.