Energy-saving and power efficiency has been the key subject for mankind for many years.

Everyday people are trying to reduce costs for energy due to adoption of various energy-saving technologies and electricity consumption optimization thus making their future today.

LED lights production is one of the priority and most successful Zavod “Miass” activity fields regarding the energy-saving. LED lights can be applied for lighting streets, freeways, office and production facilities, public rooms and housing-and-community amenities. They are considered to be the most prospective source of light.

If compared to traditional lighting devices they have the following important advantages:

  • Low energy-consumption – you save up to 60%
  • Environmental safety both at maintenance and utilization
  • Absence of UV and other harmful radiation
  • Instant firing and independence from temperature
  • Power supply network overload is impossible
  • Work force saving
  • Long service life – up to 70000 hours which is equivalent to 8 years of continuous running or 20 years in real lighting conditions