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Therapeutic membrane plasmapheresis supplements with success an arsenal of traditional methods, replacing in many cases medicamentous treatment and in certain cases is the unique way of life rescue as it has been successfully proved on the experience of the Russian doctors of the Ministry of Emergency Measures:

Republic of Haiti, January, 2010
Curing the 7-point earthquake victims
South Ossetia,
August, 2008
Curing the war victims
People’s Republic of China,
May, 2008
Curing the 7.9-point earthquake victims
Islamic Republic of Pakistan,
October, 2005
Curing the 9-point earthquake victims
Republic of Indonesia,
March, 2005
Curing the 8-point earthquake victims
Republic of Sri Lanka
, January-February, 2005
Curing the tsunami victims

Donor plasmapheresis is a great possibility to receive a considerable quantity of blood plasma and to process it quickly and cheaply. Blood is a strategic resource, a guarantee of people’s life rescue in cases of emergency.

Almost all known methods with the use of various devices (including different devices for plasmapheresis) have rather considerable volumes of filling which have been not meant for features of a children's body. ROSA™ membrane plasmafilter, having a small volume of filling, allows conducting the procedure to children, even the newborn whose body weight is more than 700 grams. The special scheme of carrying out the plasmapheresis procedure for newborns was developed - the disposable syringe is used instead of the pump.

Membrane plasmapheresis on the HEMOFENIX™ device is conducted by a one-needle technique.

The device is compact and portable, it can be used in the practice of intensive therapy and resuscitation, in first aid system, in "medicine of disaster and emergency situations".

Uniqueness of the ROSA™ plasmafilter is also that it is possible to carry out the procedure without the device. The system is called the same way – non apparatus. At the first stage the blood gathers in polymeric reservoir by gravity (identically to the procedure of a donor service), on the second stage- it comes back to patient through the same needle from the height of a bedside rack. Thus blood proceeds through the ROSA™ plasmafilter for plasma separation.

Safety of the production: on all work cycle of a manufacture process the 100 % quality assurance of output is implemented that is guaranteed by the independent audit conducted by the Institute for Certification and Testing «EUROCAT» (Germany) and by the received certificates of conformance according to the requirements of International Standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and DIN EN ISO 13485:2007. HEMOFENIX™ device and ROSA™ plasmafilter set are approved by international full quality assurance system (EC-Certificate CE 0535 HEMOFENIX™, ROSA™ SET).

The optimum proportion of price and quality makes HEMOFENIX™ device available for all types of medical centers.

HEMOFENIX™ device and ROSA™ plasmafilter can be used:

  • in Medical centers
  • in Perinatal centers
  • in Transfusiology departments
  • in Blood Services departments
  • for First aid exit work
  • by Medical Services for disaster and emergency situations

Each medical institution conducting plasmapheresis procedures has an opportunity to make a quantum leap in treatment of the patients and to render effective paid services to the population.


PLASMATECH invites all interested parties to mutually beneficial co-operation
(both medical establishments and trading companies
that are ready to implement achievements of high technologies in medical practice).







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