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Welcome to the PLASMATECH FZC website dedicated to MEMBRANE PLASMAPHERESIS method of treatment


PLASMATECH is the only company trading high-technology medical equipment for membrane (filtration) plasmapheresis procedures in the Gulf Region (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain).

PLASMATECH is the exclusive distributor of the Trackpore Technology Holding Company - manufacturer of the equipment.
The 51 % of the shares capital of the Trackpore Technology Holding Company belongs to the Russian State Corporation of NANOTECHNOLOGIES (www.rusnano.com).

The unique, not having analogues in the world, medical equipment for carrying out the procedures of both therapeutic and donor membrane plasmapheresis has been producing since 2002. HEMOFENIX™ device and ROSA™ plasmafilter set are approved by international full quality assurance system (EC-Certificate CE 0535 HEMOFENIX™, ROSA™ SET).

For a serial production of the given medical equipment the International Joint Institute For Nuclear Research in cooperation with scientists has designed and constructed the first-ever industrial cyclotron (accelerator) for track membranes production. It became the basic instrument for the whole industry of membrane products to be consumed in medicine, biotechnology, pharmacology, microelectronics, food-processing and many other industries.

The launch of the Research and Production Complex «ALPHA» in 2002 — the production based on the achievements of the fundamental and advanced manufacturing sciences — was the result of the collaboration.

Today the «ALPHA» Complex is the unique scientific production that corresponds to the international standards (GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 13485) and carries out the serial production of track membranes (with pore diameter of 400 nanometers), as well as of medical equipment for plasmapheresis procedures. All technological operations on ROSA™ plasmafilters assembly and its 100 % multistep control are carried out in «clean room facilities» of the «ALPHA» Complex. The production capacity of «ALPHA» Complex allows producing 500 000 sq. m of track membrane, 300 000 items of ROSA™ plasmafilters and 1 000 HEMOFENIX™ devices annually.

The production technology of the medical equipment for therapeutic and donor plasmapheresis and its implementation to the medical practice was awarded by the Government of the Russian Federation Award in the science and technological field in 2008.

The Research and Production Complex «ALPHA» of the Trackpore Technology Holding Company is the illustrative example of fundamental science achievements implementation and of the solution on its basis to the application tasks of the medical field.

In April of 2008 the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has visited the «ALPHA» Complex and has given high assessment of the output quality and of the production culture of the Trackpore Technology Holding Company. Photos

At this web-site you will find information about the newest equipment for membrane (filtration) plasmapheresis. At the MEMBRANE PLASMAPHERESIS section you can find answers to the questions of the plasmapheresis usage in clinical practice.

Each medical institution conducting plasmapheresis procedure has an opportunity to make a quantum leap in treatment of the patients and to render effective paid services to the population.


PLASMATECH invites all interested parties to mutually beneficial co-operation
(both medical establishments and trading companies
that are ready to implement achievements of high technologies in medical practice).






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