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THERAPEUTIC MEMBRANE PLASMAPHERESIS is the most efficient type of plasmapheresis treatment where molecules of toxic substances are eliminated together with plasma, the liquid component of blood.

This method is applied with high efficiency in preventive health care of professional and autoimmune diseases, therapy in oncology, obstetrics and gynecology, perinatology and pediatrics, in cases of mass poisonings, narcotism and alcoholism treatment, preventive health care of presenilation, strengthening of reproductive health, etc.

Blood consists of two basic components: plasma (a liquid part) and cellular elements (red blood cells, leukocytes, thrombocytes). Plasmapheresis separates the polluted plasma from uniform elements and removes it together with toxins and pathological elements. And cellular elements come back to the patient. There is no need in removed plasma compensation as it will be restored by the body itself in a few days- that is absolutely imperceptibly for an organism.

The procedure lasts not more than an hour and a half and is very comfortable.

About 30 % of blood is cleared during one procedure. A treatment course usually consists of 4 – 5 subsequent procedures carried out on alternate days.

• After the first procedure toxins are removed from the blood, but still there are a lot of them in an intercellular liquid whence they get again to the blood.
• After the second procedure intercellular liquid is cleared.
• After following procedures toxins are removed from the cells.

Complete course of therapeutic membrane plasmapheresis takes up to two weeks. The result is blood purification at very deep, cellular level that is impossible to reach with the help of any other method.

Among all efferent therapy methods, membrane plasmapheresis is the safest and the most efficient for a large number of diseases.






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